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Now there are so many things. That God to do one. So many things that. I want you to understand. But the most important Thanks. For me today is. Is to give God glory. God gets old glory. And Jennifer God can get all the glory. For what you’re walking through. OK. She’s like a. She don’t know it but she’s one of my daughters. All right. She can tell me a ball baby. Thank you so. Is it enough. Jesus is always enough a man. I want to start out reading a scripture I didn’t know why. This morning but I know why now. Who. Said Jeremiah one. Ah. Verse nine of chapter one. And it says in the Lord put forth his hand and touch my mouth and the Lord said unto me Behold I have a put my words in your mouth. Picture. I see. I’ve said before you this day over the shins and over the kingdoms to root out to pull down and to destroy and to. Throw down and build and plant you have authority over the sickness no weapon formed against you can prosper we live in a world that’s broken and dying sick in their hearts broke and we have we have the answers the answer is Jesus Jesus is transforming this world in front of us we’re seeing is the need of this world as it begins we look at the possibility of nuclear proliferation in the world today in North Korea we look at the the cruisers and the carriers and the men that are at risk and out there on the seas that are standing in the gap for us and we realize how in need we are of a savior how much we need Jesus in these days we live in Isaiah six. Again I want is to know I couldn’t understand this morning what god why why not a clear word or not a word to the. Understand but I wonder stand. And I also heard a voice the Lord saying whom show us in who will go for us then said I Here am I Send me I’m here to tell you today that God sending you out a missionary is nothing more than someone who is sent I don’t care if you go across the street. Car with somebody you ride to work with I don’t care if it’s in the market walkin with somebody that’s Kevin a bad day and need somebody to pay it forward Jesus has called you to go. Two thirds of Jesus’ name is go go you therefore and all the world and preach the Gospel making disciples that’s what God’s called you to do is called me to do and you’re your neighborhood maybe a little different than mine but it’s a you’re a neighborhood and you’ve been anointed you’ve been called you’ve been set apart for such a time as this to make a difference in this. World and so I just want to be with you today you’re on the ugliest in the biggest cheerleader you’re ever going to have. I’m here to small and to to spur you on is it talks about Hebrews for you to see the gifting said talents and plans that God has for you you will root out you will tear down and you will build the Kingdom of God to see the kingdom of God come to earth. That is what I want to see I’m not so much worried about the hell to come as what John Lake said in one of his books but I’m worried about the hell that men live in today that’s the hell we got to take care of today we live in the in a world that is so desperate that we look in the paper and we begin to say God is the devil when in and he says oh no the devil is a liar and a cheater and he’s come against us with with all the power that he has but what we need to say every day is he is a defeated foe he has no right he has no authority to trust passed on you the same way you walk up here and one day you put new journey at this altar and said God Touch my life forgive me give me give my life salvation the same way the same healing power of Jesus operates exactly the same way when he said it is finished it was finished he took everything saying death in the grave yes but of all the heli says by your strikes you as you are healed Matthew ten. Actually let’s go to Matthew four first. And verse twenty three of Matthew for he says in Jesus what about all of Galilee teaching in the synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom healing all manner sickness and all manner of disease among the people Jesus everywhere he went there was there was things happening. Everywhere he went he was touch and everywhere he went people were. Looking. And they says in the fame one about to all Syria and they brought to him the sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments and those who were presidents with devils and those were lunatics and those that had palsy and healed them. Well here’s one lunatic. Jesus. Who want to do with Jesus. What answers could I give this world. Could I give him money could I give him gold could I give him silver could I give him my kidney if they need a transplant I could do all that but those things are temporal. But what matters is what matters is the king what matters is is it the transformation that happens in a person’s life when they say yes to Jesus in the villages right now I’m seeing stuff that I dreamed of and that’s part of it begin to dream begin to see yourself and what God’s called you to do Jennifer you begin to see yourself so healthy see yourself your Clydesdale girl. That’s a awful thing to say but I’m tone you’re healthy and you tell the devil you have no right you have no authority you cannot touch this body because it’s been bought and paid with with the most precious thing that it was ever given the blood of Jesus has set you apart how Louis. I’m sorry I’m a little excited this morning about what God’s the one I’m excited about what the plans and purposes of God is we live in a most exciting time in the history of the world there’s more possibilities to get the Gospels to the ends of the earth right now than there is never ever been. Tonight. Tomorrow night in a little gypsy village in the middle book area they’re going to turn her cell phone on and they’re going to go live over over Y. five and it’s going to go. The whole world. And they wrote up a lot of donkey’s to get their think about us. But yet they’re Beeman out what Gods do on all around the world he’s touching the whole world you can have an international ministry right here and God’s call on us to answer the call here I am God use me what can I do to change the world who is it do not be someone who thinks of small beginnings he says listen your tent pegs stretch out the ropes make yourself give your dreams and your visions broaden them because God is moving in the earth that we live in right now. Some fat guy kitchen cabbages It’s amazing. If you notice they put me on the other side of the wagon because that was a girl it could whip in the face of the girl this lot of the way OK. This this is just amazing. Rototiller is too big won’t work but you put a horse in there. And it works if you watch I thought I’d turn my head a couple thought he stepped out of all the taters. And then I looked there so sure footed from dourness B. and B. and and there all the time he did like seven or eight greenhouses right here this day you know and if you watch. The horse bumps its head when the rails he gets ticked off and he won’t go any farther so he acts to bring it back out he sets it. So but the amazing thing is this thing just keeps playing on the firs up in the papers keep growing bigger it’s kill in the weeds it’s doing everything we need to do and by the way that would be Higson green house number one right there. One of these days it will have plaque. Only each side of the dream house and say go down there to the Higgs and because they can speak through good things and yet but they will. This isn’t right now has fourteen thousand tomato plants in the bottom of it and they’re about a big and. It’s. Only God I just want to show you this is a very cool. OK Only God could do this I could. Only God and I just want to give him the glory today for what he’s doing. And the thing is I don’t I don’t know what to do next I’ll be honest with this you know we’ve got five acres of green beans planted red outside these green houses OK do I got to be in picker now right here is my being pickers OK so we get back over there. This this is awesome day right here. I got to tell you. This guy here is the number one card player in the village OK first guy in line to get saved on the outdoor drama outside vandalism and the first guy to get baptized but you know what he’s a missionary do you know why because he left three days after I did to go back to France he works in France nine months out of the year and then he comes home he was just home for three months so God’s already use in situations and people’s lives in the gypsies are hungry for God We use it run twenty or thirty people in church shoot we’re run one hundred forty to one hundred sixty people one Sundays we can’t we’re going to knock the walls out of the back of the building right here but this guy this guy he was hungry for God. And so now you know what we got an orphanage over there we’re working in and he got up one day says you know what fellas you know the money we spend down there playing a game when he says let’s give it to the orphanage and I thought I couldn’t say that but you can. He can’t he’s got a vision already the other thing God’s been doing he’s been to it and just I believe God is doing the same thing in our community he’s a save and keep people these guys you see right here these are the men that own horses Those are the ones God went after the people that had gone when did they have possibilities and they had. Respect in the village but they also there are people that God wants to bless their businesses. You see I had a dunking twice. And if you knew that little rascal you knew he needed don’t. I known him since he was a year old. This is the man’s wife is going to to France you know what you know who got him saved. Jesus got him saved but his wife kept being faithful in church kept being faithful church now they take up a whole pew with their family that saved. A man. This is a study in anthropology if you just watch. You see that bald head in fact guys that’s on the right. That’s my brother Sasha. You know Little Now we know that we were going to be many means when we grew up we got got to where we are but I’ve known session and working with him for twenty four years in this in the same village you know and we’ve been through some ugly stuff but you know what I look at Jesus to what. Can he use you can use me can he use you in your youth. I think about so many times whatever whatever. Especially when they feed the five thousand. You know you know the key person in that whole whole thing was. A man it was a little boy and I will speak to you girls this morning you’re listening just because. If you’re young don’t mean God’s not here or you don’t have great plans for you DO YOU HEAR ME GOD wants to use you God has a plan for your life and begin to look for it believe God for it pray believe God is me he wants to use you to touch the nations songs to it says ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance so Father God What is your inheritance what nation do you want to think what community you want to fix what part of society are you going to affect. These people never knew that this was going to happen only God saw when he started sin and people we’re going to see here after a while there’s a man that used to be demonically. He would lay across the street he would have all night long now if any of us ever had a rooster you know would you do the research you buy him and you eat him OK. I couldn’t buy him and I couldn’t eat him but there’s so many nights I wish I’d cut as soon God please I can’t take much more. But he he and his wife are both walking with the Lord right now I’m talking not down drunk almost every day of his life and God got a hold of his life twenty years after I met him twenty years but God’s always faithful always accomplishes what he caused to do. I want to go to mark our chapter eight. You know this if you get a chance read this later in this kind of like God to remind him where was you at when I was feeding the five thousand and where was you at when I said the four thousand and I asked him how many baskets of of crumbs did we pick up afterwards and they knew the answer well you picked up you know with the five thousand it was twelve and you picked up seven with with the four thousand. But yet they’re walking in unbelief here. Think in that. What what’s he going to do next what’s he saying. And this is what I want to get. As he began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and to be rejected of the elders and of the chief priests and scribes and be killed and after three days rise again OK he’s telling on this is what’s going to happen just like I told you is going to feed the five thousand just like you saw me do that this is going to happen as you speak that saying openly and Peter took him and began to rebuke him now can you imagine a man taking the Son of God and begin to be rebuked him could you imagine with your foot in your mouth that big ever. And Jesus can you see the expression on his face here’s Peter rebuking him. And all of a sudden you hear him say but when he had a bout and looked one is the cycles. He looked around the coast you see this guy this guy’s rebuke to me and he begins to rebuke Peter get there behind me Satan for that is that how savior it’s not the things that be of God but the house savors the things of man I’m here today to tell you do not savor the things of men savor the things of God be salt and light in this world you are the light of the world you are a city set up on a hill These are the days of Elijah these are the days that we’ve been called to go out to touch the ends of the earth. Amen. Amen. I’m here to spur is on today because I know US I don’t know all of you as good as I know some of the people here but I see the potential in this room. I see all the. The tension that God has called in this this church do not look at small beginnings do not see with your your natural I see in the spirit what God’s doing God’s move. Young middle dream dreams old men will see visions I got visions I got visions of what God’s going to use you guys to do and I believe in these days that God has poured out His Spirit God is poor and out of spirit in these days and you’re going to see things you never dreamed. You’re going to sink greenhouses spring up in the middle Bulgaria that weren’t there you’re going to see things that growed in the wilderness it says Jesus was a route out of dry ground. Running knows what Johnson grass is and if you’ve ever seen a piece of Johnson grass it can lay dead on top the ground for years but you get a little bit of dirt and some water on it and it’s ready. And so I want you to see that Jesus being that root out of dry ground that there’s nothing impossible nothing impossible what God’s doing right now. I want to I want I want to talk is about in these. Sixty one I want to read it to us because this is where we are this is what God wants to do in these days. Most of us could quote this. Let’s keep his daughter. Twenty years ago we had Kiki on a football team but God We planted a seed but God God gave the increase. She was born when he was on the football team but look what God has about thirty. It took my watch about three weeks to get the water out of it forgot I had it on but. They were can you do some voice here. That. I am. I am. I am OK this is the wife of the man that lay drunk and how’d. His name is Christian. You got to understand. These are patriarchs of the village for them to them to get out there in front of everybody and do this it’s amazing it’s amazing this other than my kids being born and the day I got married is one of the greatest days of my life because I saw miracles after miracles I saw I saw people that I never dream you think a cold glass of water makes a difference in a person’s life there’s a man on here we was set and there’s a little little store rate rate out that way and I session with bought a cup of eliminating just and had it sitting there and I watched the guy walk by and he said that guy’s walk by me for twenty years we’ve never spoke and he yelled Hey would you like a glass of lemonade. And it looked like. I threw a great big popular fishing lure and I hooked up in the back of the neck it stopped him in his tracks. And he turned around anyway. Over and he chug set it back down and he walked back down the street. Nothing really significant right the next night he come to church and got saved all three of his brothers are walking with the Lord. And only because of beads of beating it’s so much better than sacrifice be a BT and what the Lord singing for you to do right now you know if you ever read any Smith’s Wigglesworth stuff you know. You have a hard time understanding but he was obedient and because of his opinions he began to walk in the authority and power of Jesus and because of that hundreds and thousands of people were healed in his ministry he saw over one thousand people raised from the dead raises wife from the dead three times she said stop I’m ready go home. He said stop this. But that’s the power that we’re in the same power that was alive on Jesus the same power that operated him it’s the same power that operates in you. Romans eight. Verse thirteen. Oh just eleven first says but if the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead Well then you He that raise that Christ and dead should also quicken your mortal bodies by the spirit that dwelleth in you the same spirit to raise that Jesus from the dead is the same spirit that operates inside to you that same spirit has all authority all power over all demonic powers over every sickness every disease has to bow its knee to the Christ. Because he legally born of a woman came and paid the price for every sin every sickness everything that happened and any it did lead it. He and you walk together you have the authority of Jesus. But we need to walk it. And it also cost you something to be a BT and I know people this race people from the dead and the only thing they’ll tell me is it’s never convenient. But. I say What do you mean Yes Just trust me when I have to see you it’ll never be convenient. You got to be willing. When all the everything else you see in your physical body says that that can’t live and believe that the Christ the Living Christ the same spirit raise of Jesus from the dead is more than able to do that more than able abundantly above all you ask or think according the power that works and you are that authority you have authority over that sickness take it take it in the name of Jesus you cannot stay in my body you cannot live here you are you are a trust passer and we will see God and we will see the power of God because we live in the end times. And you know what your day and your mom has been waiting around for something hard to come they’ve been getting ready all the time they’ve been spin the time into words they’ve been praying and they’ve been believe it and so this isn’t something that took God by surprise but you let the devil know he is defeated he is defeated he has no right or power over you. The picture we got Let’s get a new and another video up there. He’s great the gears don’t want that I heard him. Now that I’ve had some people they get upset because they did it but if you’ve ever worked with horses you know that has to happen every now and then. This guy is named Uli Uli is a doorman at the church he’s a guy that when the kids aren’t listening he gets about a year to take some outside. He’s the. There whenever the there’s a seat for the old woman and the young woman don’t want to move he goes Listen get up or I will move you and we need men like but we also need to honor him and keep him work the whole reason for the greenhouses not because there’s a need to grow potatoes because we’ve got a need for people to work the greatest thing in the world the greatest need a world it is for people to be able to work to be able to have to have feel good about themselves that God is supplying my needs that God is blessing me and that’s what we’re seeing we’re seeing to because God is blessing our greenhouses that we’re blessed in him with work because they’re increasing he’s increasing the church is increasing. Last week there was one hundred live came in and they’re in the collection plate. Most years that was more they came in and a whole year. God is on don’t increase it told me last week there was a twenty euro note that showed up in in the collection All right so that means somebody of their relatives sent them money and they put it in a collection because they’re working abroad that’s amazing thing about what’s happening to gypsy community because they’ve had to go out and find work but most of them speak five languages this guy’s fluent in French and Italian OK so what they do their plan Bulgarian churches in Italy and in France and Spain and so because of that they are evangelist they are missionaries and they are important to the last day’s work what God said to one and so we want to see that this is a time to stick to Sicko and this is the time this is the harvest this is the increase that Gaza competition these days and God wants to use you in the same ways. This is not just a niche that’s mine you’re a part of this you have helped in this you have prayed for this you have bookie. You have walked down this road with me. And you watch me stumble. And fall. And you saw me get up. Because I got faithful God’s faithful to these people. That’s why I’m there. Do they need me now they’re doing pretty good I. Look at it only needs Well they’re good. People and we need. But the truth is the truth is that God called me there. God has called me there and I can’t speak enough I can email or chicken in Kentucky Fried Chicken or be honest with you but I can hug and I can smile and I can laugh and I can encourage and I can build a greenhouse and I can plant stuff so that people can work that’s what I do that’s what caught cold us to do. Yeah. Very quick very. A lot of times he won’t let me I preach in the churches he won’t want to go live because he’s afraid someone who criticizes English I don’t care. I don’t care I don’t need BE ABLE TO BE YOU CAN’T be able to. But that the awesome thing the awesome thing is is it all you got to do is step out. I will go to go to the level I’m going to quit. It talks about faith. But you know what it does you know it starts out. Now Now faith is not tomorrow not next week not not next Tuesday but now Faith is now my faith is rising up inside me now is when God has called me to touch the world now is what he wants me to go take bake a cake and take it to my neighbor now is when every call me to be that one of the telephone to say and I just called encourage you how are your day what’s going on with you you don’t know how many times this man right here is called Me. And loved me and encouraged me. How many times he’s been there for me over the years. It got honors. So with you. Can’t do this by myself. But us together we become Livingstone’s. We become a house built for the kingdom we become the Body of Christ together and there’s nothing nothing can stop the work of the King. Nothing. And so you can see expeditiously from the beginning when Christ came the church is grown exponentially it is never regressed right now there’s more people coming to Christ every day in third world countries than you can ever imagine there is more people being healed around the world someday someday I’m going to put this in somebody’s ear and they’re going to they’re going to do this I want to website that all the people get healed over the word they just post it and we’ll see Bangladesh forty people today healed of being deaf somewhere and in Malaysia there was twenty five people that had their arms and legs length and so more and part of Argentina and everywhere all over the world you can see how busy the Holy Spirit is and how fast things are happening and moving. God is moving in these days like we’ve never seen before. Do you imagine there’s three point four billion Christians in the world and if you and me together lock arms and become those Livingstone’s in and you’re word and then and then maybe that word becomes a sentence that since becomes a paragraph then you become a book and what’s part of Acts twenty eight now becomes Acts twenty nine you are part of that book you are writing the Gospels today as we live. Or that shouting stuff for folks. I want you shout with me you don’t have to shout out loud but inside of you I want to light a fire that God Maybe there’s some water running down your nose and you’ve got to use a little wet but I want I want to loose you I want to see God put a fire in you that nothing quench what Gods don’t want to you’re. Nothing. Because you know the donkey. You know. Balan’s donkey he keeps cussing and kicking it in the things poor old thing saving his life. Cock and he’s a donkey use us. A man. Got to do one and he stays with it. I still don’t get it wrong. I say sixty one I’m going to finish saw I promise. Thank your confidence writer. I’ve been there twice. This is a this is a guy later how everybody does Christos. And this is this guy he rides his bike to town now and he’s saying and. You know it’s it’s like nothing you have or it’s like I said that’s Christian and he’s and he singing and he’s happy and he’s and he was miserable before. There’s ladies that this year we had one hundred eight women come and help us do the onions in the greenhouses that was over three days that was an every day that was over three days now what turn is volume up here David. They’re willing to baptize because he didn’t accept the Lord yet because you did down the street you are and. There’s people going to say when you know they’ve got to say. I’m just girl not. Turning. That is a great granddaughter. Of a man than we first started working for you. But he hasn’t come the Lord yet but the way this kid prays my will be long. A little child so I’ll leave. The weird thing is you know how it is and I think of Jennifer I think she still like twenty one point two. Zero zero zero is in my mind that’s how I think that these kids I remember I had big ears there’s run down the street making corn or you know and I said That’s him that’s. Right yeah. Again he’s daughter we don’t talk about. His daughter he’s promised he’s going to come his head made but he will if God puts up with your heart I think you. Get this this is from Isaiah sixty one. And I want to put your name in here when I’m reading OK. The spirit of the Lord is a pawn. In. Me Amen. Because the Lord has a Norn in me to preach the good tidings under the meek he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to the captives in the opening of the prisons to them that are bound to proclaim except the year of the Lord and a day a vengeance of our God to conform to comfort all that morning and if you go and you read this in Luke or Jesus quoted this in the synagogue he stopped there today a vengeance he didn’t share that because that’s after you come back but now we’re in grace we’re in grace in this times we’re living in he says go go proclaim liberty set the captives free. Don’t you hear sometimes I hear you know what it is. Changed rattle on. The coming off them change is coming all the people you can hear. When you see when you what a miracle just when someone comes to Christ when someone says yes to Jesus. What a miracle because in Colossians if you really need a home one thirteen says you have been translated out of the realm of darkness into the realm of light immediately you become. Connected to God All of a sudden you’re connected and all the authority and power that he. Jesus and he says he gives you and Matthew twenty eight and Mark sixteen he is given to you. And that’s why we do what we do. Because God has called us he set us apart his sin is he has a north and us he’s equipped us he’s given us all that we need for every good work. And so today I stand before you a man is so blessed. To have the privilege to preach the gospel. To have the privilege to meet these kind of people. I don’t know how to explain it other than. I walk in the village. Church watch Green Acres on T.V. when any army started talking you could hear fifes and bugles and drums playing. I hear the music. I hear the music. In the village. And they look at me and I think what is wrong with this. And I said Don’t you hear what you hear what God is doing but I’ve got to move I’ve seen the miracles I’ve seen you can’t see and want to get his. Voice on this David. So I’m left by the bit on the other side of the lot faster. That’s not true. I’m just terrible it makes the years of a great. Chill smile and wave or help me every time it’s the days in the midst of. This awesome job you stick your finger in and a rotten potato. And now you’re behind six potatoes going down the hole shook it up. God so faithful. Hi I just want to close and I want to pray. That if by that has a call to go to missions that anything that God’s plan are you come up and I can lay hands on you. If anyone wants to have a prayer for that being sick once you know that the altars are open and just just come when you come come believe in faith knowing that God’s already done the work it’s already finished we’re just waiting on the manifestation to see it. And man. And shake off any of those things that if it ain’t the Bible don’t believe it. You know you know you might get mad at me one will save on this will say in a way if you say it’s God’s will for me be sick I will say you don’t read your Bible because it’s not in there. It does not say if it’s God’s will you’ll be sick. And so I just want to encourage you to believe what you don’t see. Don’t use your six senses use your spirit to see the world that we’re living and he says those who worship me worship me in spirit and in truth because he read over that we think Will and Will truth that’s good but the truth is he wants your spirit inside of you to worship Him in truth OK. I love you is a part in talk enough about Bulgaria but I don’t want to talk about OK I want to talk about Jesus. Don’t talk about what he’s doing. He’s done it not us. I used to always when I prayed for people I want to see people get healed us I got I want you to do this so bad and that and the problem was I was want God to do something already done. And so now instead of sort of Mike I want God to do something I just let Jesus loose and that’s it Jesus you do this you get the glory. Get to pray. And that’s what Gods don’t want and these days we’re living and God wants you to be as our hands. You want your face to glow with the presence of God so the world sees who you are. And not. Care you pray for. Your. Work. You. Know why. You. You know I love you. So you know what can I say to follow that up but what I can say the church. The same God. The same Holy Spirit that is doing the amazing thing that you see in Bulgaria is the same God and the same Holy Spirit that can and will move here in the United States of America in your neighborhood in my neighborhood or wherever he may send is the same God in the same power and a. Greater came to mind that this was about healing the woman that had issued blood for twelve years. Twelve years she had spent everything she had. You know the story you know what happened she had to faith say in her heart. If I can just touch Jesus I know I’ll be made well. Jesus knew what was going to happen. He knew that she was going to touch and he knew the power went out but what did he tell you after she received her healing What did he say. Your faith your faith has made you will Church that’s the question today Do you have the faith to believe that what’s happened in there can and will happen here. Do you have the faith do you have the faith you know that if you touch Jesus you can be healed. It’s not just the healing is the power to go out you have the faith. To be obedient do you have the faith to trust. That he can work and move and do abundantly above anything we ask and believe do you have that kind of faith. Lord increase our faith or help us. To just open our hearts open our church open our neighborhoods up to you and you could come in and set the captives free today and my neighborhood in your neighborhood if we have that kind of Faith today. Only you can answer that only I can answer that. Lord increase our faith Amen.