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 As I was. Thinking about this morning service I believe that the Lord impressed upon my heart yes I am one of those to believe that God still speaks to his people I believe that God is not silent we do have is written word we do have the perfect revelation of God But we also have his spirit bottle tells us that the man does not live by bread alone Jesus quoted that against the enemy in the wilderness but that it comes from 2 Romany. He said Man does not live by bread alone but every word of proceeded out of the mouth of God that word proceed with as an act of ur God is still speaking today can we say a minute that and I count to joy and blessing to be able to be with you all this morning and all those out there are watching by internet prescience you taken and. Given a lesson and the Lord impressed upon me that today is really a very important day for you and it’s important that this service is important to you and it’s important to God. And it’s not about me it’s not about not about my concerns or anything of that nature others about is about bringing in a word of truth the word of consolation word of encouragement a word of instruction to you because you say you and I face the same battle we are against the world that is against the and what that what I mean by against us as they do not receive the Word of God They do not follow the Word of God They follow their own precarious ways if you would and I believe that we’re seeing a trend in our nation as well as around the world that we are trending the wrong way we’re 20 we’re turning toward more paganism we’re turned into more simpleness more humanistic ways and I don’t know exactly where I’m going this morning I have a crypt or here in front of me but again I like to follow the spirit I like to follow the Spirit of God because He say You see eyes I can see you in your in your physical right here right now maybe I say this every time and and I do pretty much all the time is that is that I can I do not know your need I do not know where you at where you are at in your spiritual walk right now but I know someone that does. This for God knows where you’re at he knows what you need you may be facing a problem right now that you don’t know how to handle you may be facing an illness in your body you may be facing a financial difficulty you may be facing a. Trial that. Is threatening your very heart I don’t know that but God. And all I want to encourage each one of you here today that you hard not forgotten that you are not some just some name written down on a piece of paper somewhere but you are very important to God He gave His only begotten Son for you that if you would trust in Him If you would accept him and receive him a savior. Ask for forgiveness of your sin that’s not only would he walk with you through this life but he would grant you eternal life in heaven and that that is a good thing that is a good present Lord I’m glad that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life I’m glad that revealed Himself to me through the power of the Spirit because you see no man comes unless the Father draw you and you are very special today because if you’re born again if you’re one of God’s children he called you he purpose that you should be part of his kingdom and that just thrills me today the know that the God of Heaven the god to create all that there is out there all that there is there’s not one particle there’s not one grain of sand there’s not one feather cosmic dust out there that God did not create and that he loves us so much that he is mindful of us can we say that how do you hallelujah hallelujah before we go much further I guess we need to pray. Terry would you would you prefer to service. You. That. Was nice to me today to carry God bless you. I want to start of Haber’s 6 chapters morning. I won’t go there I’m kind of a shotgun preacher I got a lot of scripture the kind of shoot straight from the hip. Some would call me a stomper spinner I guess I don’t know. But again I want to bring something that is relevant to the day I believe that God is doing something in the earth today I believe that with all my heart I believe that he is doing something in the church. In the book of Hebrews it also tells I think it’s the 13th chapter Tellus talks about the Thomas shaking the coming time where everything that can be shaken will be shaken so that which cannot be shaken will remain what will remain but God’s eternal kingdom everything of man everything that of that we see today all the wickedness and turmoil that that captivate the news articles you know basically when you watch the news all you see is bad news that’s basically all you see is bad news but I’m here today to share with you good news glory to God that God is in control him and he isn’t control he knows exactly what he’s doing and he has our best interests at heart can we say even though that out of it but the shaking that is going on and has a purpose it begins to get people to look toward him as they get the church prepared for what is coming on near Earth I’m not up here to say gloom and doom or anything like that but there is a shaking that is coming that will try the faith all of us that will check they can shape us to our very being but I want to tell you today to stand fast stand fast pro Fasher faith and do not waiver because Christ is king comes a moment of that as as I look around a lot of churches today and and I talk to a lot of people here Nairn everywhere what I find is that we’re kind of complacent. The song that we sang 1st today was talking about Bob in the consuming farm God is a consuming farm he didn’t say was just to leave us alone he didn’t say it was just a. Pose on a shelf somewhere and then one day to pull it back down say well here where we’re working on the heaven now now he called us for a purpose he called us to be purified in him he called us to live righteously him he called us to live in truthfulness with him can we say matter that he called us to be effective in the world in which we live Hallelujah because you see out there there are in darkness but we are in life and that white will always dispel darkness and if we and if we just allow God to work emma simply allow God to perfect as if you will and that’s a word I’m going to bring out here in just a minute if we will allow him the perfect in us his purpose and his design then our light will grow not only in our families in our work pleasure but in the community around us and when communities begin the shots that begin to affect everything else can we say men that I want to be effective in the kingdom of God I don’t I don’t want to be a bench setter I don’t want to be I don’t want to be. How how can I say non in gauge that I guess he would say I was looking for something to minister to you this morning not to go down several pathways are not several words Rajon going around in my mind here today but I want to follow the path of the spirit and we say Amen to that as I want to start today the Lord said go to press upon the Khaybar 6 and it says there are for leaving behind the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on to perfection not land again the foundation of repentance from dead works in the face toward God when you became morning again that was step one. However you when you when you became born again that was step one you enter into the canyon you learned every Pentlands you learned of of turning away from Sun form a future are you turned away from the world embrace caught and placed your faith in him not only for your salvation well for your everyday walk you might say I’m into that but you see a lot of people still stay right there they they continue top about repentance they continue as a talk about faith in God and those things are Ok but we’re supposed to go on beyond that can we can you hear what I’m saying today it’s verse 2 says this is says of the doctrines of baptism no laying on the hands on the resurrection of the of the dead and of eternal judgment and this we will do if God permit now as I say that I also want to remind you that we need to keep an eye on the cross we need to keep an eye on what has what was done for us we need to rebuild the whole that on our art because you see if we if we take them and begin to depend on ourselves so much or we depend on what we’re doing we lose sight of what Christ has done for us he paid the penalty he pay the price there is no other way of salvation except through Jesus the Christ can we say Amanda that hallelujah that is the truth that we must share with the world Buddha can say via Confucius can’t save us die humanistic ideas and secularism cannot save you only the blood of Christ can save you glory to God and I’m so glad today that he revealed himself on to me and I’m glad that he revealed himself on t.v. too and here is Father it talks about this growing as. 11 through 14 he says this of whom we have many things to say and hard to be other see in that you are dull of hearing if we’re not careful we get all of here we heard the Gospel story we hear the gospel of the kingdom so often that we begin to give a dollar about it it is an exciting thing to hear from from God Can we say Amanda that as a sort of time for was a time when we ought to be teachers you need that one teacher again which me to 1st principles of the oracles of God and become such an I have neither milk a not a strong me. The Lord is saying it’s time for us to grow up and in a society that were perfection I’m going back there in just a minute that we’re perfection means mature you have an infant that is born if they stayed an infant you would be concerned about that would you be going to the doctor trying to find out what is wrong with that infant and so that is what babes in price we need to grow at 1st we need the milk of the Gospel we need to learn of the Republicans a sense we need to learn how God loves us we need to learn a faith in God but we need to step out we need to get we begin to crawl if you will when we begin to walk in God we begin to grow in him and we be caught and he begins the mold us in who he would have to be isn’t that isn’t encouraging right there that God wants to mold you into someone that he wants you to be one of the favorite scriptures out there people quote today as your ma 2911 talks where God has a plan and a purpose and he has he’s off not mad as I’m paraphrasing around that I don’t know a lot of scripture if you will I know it’s in the Bible but I’m not going to Scripture verse God has never give me that gift but I guarantee you if I say that you can look it up in the Bible somewhere far find yourself in accordance tech a key word you’ll find that scripture Gora to God but he wants to give us a hope and a future not hope and the future is in Christ can we say men to that says for when the time you ought to be teachers you have one need to teach again was the 1st principles of the oracles of God and are become such as have need of milk and not a strong need for everyone that use of milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness for he is a bay but strong meat belong to them that are of a full wage even those who by reason have used their senses have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. I meant you say as we grow in Christ the Holy Spirit dwells within us and he teaches us the difference between good and evil he teaches us while we should put in front of our eyes and what we should listen to he warns us about steps that would cause us. Concern and path pathways that would lead us away from the but he also teaches the Word of God Can we say Amen that he also brings joy to our heart that joy unspeakable that is full of glory but you say God’s intention is that we should know good and evil he wants us to know to do the good can we say amend that but the word but the word I wanted to bring out was perfection What is Christian perfection again what is a mature Christian well mature Christian 1st to someone that has experience in the Word of God a mature Christian is someone who has experience with the presence of God Come on I am of the Pentecostal nature. Outlook for the anointed What is the anointed Now there’s a manifest presence if you will in the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit force the anointed the breaks the. It’s that annoying to not presence of God that you begin to find what you need as a presence a god that begins to feed your heart and to feed your spirt is the presence of God that begins to loosen no stains that hold you down and hold you back he begins to loosen them in they begin to shake away that is why I searched for the annoying thing again because I know I don’t know what you’re facing today but God knows every change that the enemy has forged against you he knows every pit that has been dug before you he knows that it’s there and he has a way of protecting you and guiding your around those things and breaking those bonds are in fact in fact the Bible says it’s the annoying thing that can we say I’m into that but what is Christian perfection when I 1st looked at that reminded me of what it says in the visions for what is perfection Still we all come in the unity of the faith how many churches out there are divided want to give Sanaa other simply because I don’t believe just exactly what you believe or your doctrine is a little different to mine. I have this to say do you love Jesus are you born again do you preach the gospel of the came down come on now Come on if you believe that Jesus Christ is one God Almighty if you believe that if you believe that salvation can only come through him amen amen if you believe that He rose physically from the dead on the 3rd day. Glory to God If you believe that then we are brothers and sisters in Christ can we say Amanda that I may be a little more boisterous or maybe a little louder I may be some things that you’re not but that doesn’t mean that you’re not say come on and it doesn’t mean that I’m not say because you might disagree what I say are but we can come together under one banner which is Christ Jesus can we not have a man out of there because you see a world out there that the world out there is lost and I mean there are going to listeners Hal if the if they’re not yeah if they do not respond to the Gospel and Paul writes in the in the book of Romans or says how can they hear except there be a preacher come on how can they believe if they have not heard can we say that hallelujah it is not just a preacher we are the witness of God into earth today you are the witnesses come on we we can praise God for that can’t we hallelujah that has his light shines inside of us that his joy sounds or. His joy resides inside of us I know that to sniff a call out there in the world I know that it’s difficult to be a young person today it was difficult to be a person when I was a young person not a long time ago but I’m here today to tell you that God will get you through the courses of your life glory to God He will help you through the high schools he’ll help you through the colleges he’ll help you through the early stages of adulthood he will help you thin your middle way struggle he will be with you when you are elderly glory to God However he does not he does not cast you away but he walks with us throughout this whole life how will you till we all come together to have the unity of faith and a Son of God unto a perfect man unto the measure to statue in the fullness of Christ He who are efficient for 13 and here’s a fusions for and I like this one that we hand Scoresby no more children. Tossed to and fro and carried about what everyone the doctor and a slight a man and cutting craftiness where they live to see there’s a lot of shysters out there there’s a lot of people that want your money there’s a lot of people that want to manipulate you they want to control you that’s why you need to be mature in what the Word of God says you must be mature and steadfast in your face you must have a solid footing under you or you will be tossed about by every one of the doctrines and you see if you’re tossed about by everyone a doctor what does that bring that brings a sense of fear a sense of uneasiness a sense of what’s going to happen tomorrow why I want to tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow the sun’s going to come up glory to God Hallelujah the razors want to warm the earth boring to God The world is going to wake up will know all we’re going to go about daily affairs that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow but here’s here’s a here again what’s going to happen tomorrow that when I wake up that God is going to be with me he was never going to begin with His Spirit of God within me when I wake up in the morning and I step out of my bed and I begin my day he is going to be with me that’s what’s going to happen tomorrow glory to God and it doesn’t matter what transpires throughout the day I’m a lay down in Dr Mark but praise God when I take my last breath here on what I had my 1st breath over there I don’t have the fear tomorrow because Christ lives in sodomy can we say Amanda that how to I don’t I don’t have to have a new doctor and I don’t have to have a new thing I don’t have to because a new way can someone hear what I’m saying today but you see the already across the way the Jesus Christ was the gospel of the kingdom is good enough for me and it’s good enough to save everyone that is born of Adam’s fallen race can we say Amen to that today glory to God glory to God One of the things that we find about mature Christians is what we call the fruit of the spirit and I’m not going into that a whole lot the same. Luck today the church wants out wants the gifts of the Spirit they why they they want all these gifts flowing but they don’t want the fruit of the spirit you see and I believe that we must have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives before we see the gifts of the spirit maybe be manifest and I just want to share a few of them which you did a the 1st one I want to get to is called benevolence what is benevolence is bad it’s the concern and want to do that which is right to be conned other people because you stance a kind of come on what’s what’s the goal rule to do one Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You amen there are people out there that are in desperate need of just kindness a smile you would be surprised how much a smile my help someone along the way don’t be surprised at how much a god bless you would encourage somebody to try to say God bless the people that I deal with every day and every situation you would be surprised how many stops have will grab a shooting a man because because it brings our center back on the focus our focus back a washer be to some real life which describes in Matthew 1921 Jesus told the rich young ruler said this Jesus said and I am of him that that will be perfect though and so what I have and give to the poor now is how to raise or have an income and follow after May Why would that help us to have to do with benevolence you see the rich young ruler he come in want to know what he needed to have eternal life but he had an idle you know and I that was something that you put before God You see the rich young ruler there he had a lot of money had a lot of possessions and they took that that’s where his heart was you see it was the war were saying and he said get rid of your audio and follow made we need to take and we need to give ourselves can we say a man of that. Event you want to know what it what what it cost the serve God you want to know what it cost it cost everything it cost everything because God doesn’t want you divide he doesn’t want you uneasy he doesn’t want you to be concerned about about things that are only temporal he wants you to focus on those things which are eternal and we can be kind to one another we can give to one another it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary but we can give ourselves a benevolence or giving and Congress as a mark of a mature Christian can we say I’m into that how about a lot of this Love important Well what is love is what the world calls it now I don’t think that’s it what is all that’s that is concerned for someone else again the husband should be more concerned about his wife the more that is why these own physical needs to do that the wife should be more concerned about her husband and her children than herself one of considers others or to God Love puts other people 1st can we say a man of that in men and and not I need more love in my life I need more the love of God The mob life the world has love in this sense they love darkness they love their sin they love the rebellion come on but in the church we should love one another as God loves us can we say in coffins $12.00 to $14.00 is put on Therefore as the elect of God Holy of below the bowels of mercy kindness humbleness of mind nakedness and long suffering for bearing one another in forgiving one another if any man have quarrel against any even as Christ forgave you. So all new years. We like Africa in this own way but do we like to give it well stretch I always told Ron Bakir stretch Ok good I got a stretch went up to see it. But if I hold lot against Bron for something that he may intentionally or non densely done. But if a whole lot against him and I don’t forgive him then how does the 1st use a go work at home mom life it can’t we need to forbear one another what is left for bird of and that’s another word for patience God is patient with me is the patient which I think we can all say yes he’s been patient with me along the way I want to give up on Harry a long time ago out of the area a long time ago I was told I would have got rather hairy but no God that he said no I don’t throw the coil away now I don’t I don’t I don’t give up that easily he says I never heard one come around how hard I got him off you all talked ahead but I know that he’s going to come around you say that’s what God does he he squeezes in he begins to pushes in a direction why does he do that because we’re stubborn and hard and stiff necked peoples who we are come on it would be a whole lot better if I would just carry here cause still small voice and follow at variance but what a mom stubborn and Steph next so what does not have to do he asked and I get a little long comfortable for me I guess he has to squeeze me a little bit to get my attention and when he gets my attention then he can begin to mold to me those things that he wants and verse 14 says this. And above all things put on charity which is love which is the bond of perfectness perfection or perfectness So Dan we need to become time we need to love. What is another thing that is the more of a mature Christian good orders boy away made him a preacher when I’ve been told that works get get into heaven that works. Bring me salvation that works for you know that that’s a bad word that works and Grace don’t go together well here’s the truth you can’t work your way and. You can be a good person how many people out there today that you meet along the way that you try to share Christ which is why I’m a good person I don’t. Steal I don’t do all these things I’m a good person God’s going to allow me and I have you say a place there are placed their faith in what they can do come on and works cannot get you into heaven God cannot get you or excuse me great work cannot get you a place of acceptance with the Lord it doesn’t work what is God’s grace God’s grace is his favor placed upon you his graces his presence his power his authority in your life come on now Come on. What what what what what what is that grace grace it calls me to him Grace shows me the cross Grace shows me what Christ has done Grace drawls be ever closer to God It produces a furred in my life and what is that fruit that Grace has produced in me but a good work this good work is I want to go out and I want to I want to help other people while I want to bring the gospel of the kingdom to them I want to do those things which are pleasing to the Father not because I’m trying to work my way into heaven but simply because I love Jesus Come on earth is because Jesus I want to live right I want to be a righteous man come on and the world needs righteousness today what is righteous miss of course righteousness and a sense of God is that I am right standing with the father who Jesus Christ but righteous righteousness a righteous man does that which is right regarding other people regarding in the way walks on a surprise here and we need to grace of God to be able to walk in righteousness can we say men do that how do you know how do you I’m glad today that I have victory over san I didn’t say I was perfect I didn’t say I didn’t make mistakes but I find God today that I have victory over sand that it does not dominate made that it does not captivate me that it does not hold me down but I am free from the bondage as a sense glory to God walk with Jesus long enough to know what I should avoid those things that I should say a way from those things out certain allowed to take place in my thoughts those things that that are displeasing to God have had no I have been a rough though I still by God make mistakes yes I do but thank God His Grace lives inside of me Glory to God How do you not thank God today his grace all of lives inside he is. How Lumia think about that for a 2nd God’s grace his on merits of the favor but it’s also his holy enforce upon your heart abides with then you His Spirit abides within you glory to God glory to God and love such as that need a response and that response is this is the Lord what would you have me do today Lord how can I help my neighbor across the way I know that he’s struggling but I don’t know what to do more how can I be an effective witness to my coworker or the children around me how can I please you today bother because I want to please you James 221 says this was not Abraham or father justified by works when he offered I his son Isaac upon the altar see then how faith wrought with his works or what brought that was done with his works and by works was faith made what’s the word perfect mature mature mature Christian has good works. People can see it’s not that he’s out there raising the banner she’s out there raising the banner the people she Christ in you people see Christ in you and they begin to detect that aroma of the heavenly The wind blew the blows to Rome of Christ how will you nothing that’s a more of a limit your Christians control the tongue. James $3.00 to $4.00 a many things we offend all event any man offend not in word the same as a perfect man and is also able to bridle the whole body there’s no saying out there saying it’s. Better be thought a fold and open your mouth and remove all doubt matter of fact proverb says even if all was thought to be wise it won’t be quiet but you save this town right here’s the bottle teaches a flame of our will we praise God We curse our fellow man who made in the life of sin the simple incident should not all be said Bible tells in the Old Testament believes proverbs itself as a man that can control these tongue and control we speared is stronger than one that can take the city come on not that we should be afraid to speak truth but we need to know how to speak truth without condemnation without arrogance we can do that if we allow the Spirit of God to control or to. Invent and this last one of them alone to. It’s kind of hard to market the Christians of b.d.s. videos to a lot of beatings to the Word of God medians to the drawl of God B.D.’s to the doctrines of Christ that we read and and find in the Bible not something that someone dreamed up Kemal 1st onto 5 says this but who says keep of his word and verily is the love of God perfected I will say that again. But who show keep us His word in him verily is the love of God perfected hereby know we that with that we are in Him How do we know that others are Christian of like minded faith because we sense that love the spirit bear witness one with another glory to God that he keep his word Lord help me keep your word Lord refine me mold ma’am want to I want to ask you all the the prayer dangerous prayer of a private for a while now and it hurts. It’s a dangerous prayer refine me Lord Byrne to draw for Away From Me Get Harry out of Harry Lord I want to walk with you I want to hear your voice in a clear manner I want to be known as someone who loves you that loves you enough to be a bt And to you Can we say Amen to that verse 6 says this he does say he’s a bot of it him or someone else says that we abide in Christ all himself also walk even as he walked a lot of people that I meet day they say warm say and that’s not be that’s not for me to dispute or as between him and God Jesus said an interesting thing and when he walked the earth He says there are fruit you shall know them but a lot of people out there hold on to the ways of the world long folks out there louse and propagate and stay in Iraq and he will God loves mean I’m a Christian so you’re saying that you bond in Christ yes then you ought to walk and so to walk even as he was on I asked him this does he find Christ bond model Wild Turkey do you find Christ is the one who was Christ involved in sexual impurity was Christ involved in slander and decadence in drunkenness and. We found Christ walked in love them perfectness before perfection before him and made him in the last Krypsis today is a close as us 1st on for 12 and 13 says this no man has singled out it any time. If we love one another God wealth in us and His love is perfected in us here by we know that we do well in him and he and us because he is given was his spirit and a more quote Paul rather loosely right here Isas and I’m saying this to you today. Not that I have a rod or not that I’ve apprehended by Paul said not that I have got it all together not that of God all this down pat myself but I am striving toward tomorrow toward ha calling of Christ putting the things of the past behind me I can’t change yesterday but thank you Jesus I can change today thank you Lord that I can change me today through your power thank God that I can follow after you and I am not defined by what I have been but I will be defined by what you are doing in my work today in my my life today we say a man that So how about you today and how about those folks out there that are watching the. Internet are you ready to step out of the baby stroller Are you ready to move on past the basic principles of salvation or are you ready to put on the new man that is created in truth and righteousness are you ready to cast away the old ways and allow Christ to live richly and well when you and a greater measure in a deeper way approached. I pray so because our God is a consuming Wagner he wants to consume every bit of draw Saudia he wants to bring you forth as go pure gold and that’s what trials and tribulations those things that happen around as the things that we face. Every day do they perfect our faith because we begin to learn to love him and to depend upon him when we get to the place where we love people that are on lovable Come on where we can show count Christian Qantas to our enemies. Then we know that we’re growing Can we say man of that So would you pray with me today is as we close gracious Father I am challenge that by your word I am challenged by your Spirit Lord. Lord and know that you brothers are ways but we need to go further we want to be mature in you or we want to be have your love in your ways perfected in as we want to become men and women that are able to eat of strong meat Lord we want to be examples of righteousness and truth the purity to our colleagues and our friends our family Lord God Father we desire our Yea Lord God we design our to be lights in a dark world lights in the places that we go lights for you and our father we ask that you refinance we asked the Lord that you places in the far and bring us to that place where the dross comes to the top that it can be skimmed off that we might come forth as gold in a lord where we don’t want to be commonplace we don’t want to be also rans brains but were we desire to finish our course and to complete the race and now we magnify you and praise you for we also know that it’s not by might as not by power as by your spears say of the Lord that involved today we thank you for your goodness and your mercy your love we thank you for your word we give you to glory for now in Jesus holy and perfect the men and men.