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If you have your Bibles open it up the songs fifteen just stick a thumb in there we’ll get there eventually hopefully if not then we’ll follow whichever way the Lord goes Let us pray. Precious father we just magnify you and praise you for your goodness and your mercy or God we’re so thankful for your presence here today Lord God Lord is that we said before God you’re the preacher you’re the minister or God And we just want to be an instrument in your hand for God to be used for Your glory more to pray today that you would edify the church or God that you build him up in your faith Lord God that you encourage them or God but also Lord God to be a top of instruction to Tom warning or God For we are all to his revolver try to draw closer to you Lord God and Lord as your Holy Spirit permits we will minister or God And we just want to give you free reign and have the Spirit have his way in this place today and as always we’re going to give you glory for for we ask all things in Jesus name Amen amen. I see the clock on the wall right there so I guess wrong he has a put there for a long winded preachers which I have been known to be and that don’t but don’t let that frighten you just someone back or start going like this if you start falling asleep. But anyway. I want to start laying a foundation and they would be out of six or one in two and a lot of preaching year ago I got more scripture share than I’ll get to today but that’s OK. One of my. Favorite preachers if you will the late Reverend Graham had to say it he said he like to study a lot of scripture and just preach all the overflow and that’s what we hope to do today. Heber six wanted to says is there for leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let’s go on to perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God of the doctrine of baptisms of the laying on of hands of the resurrection the dead. And of eternal life and I’ll forgive you three to in this we will do it God permit us to save men that now know the. We’ve been called into this kingdom of God. We’ve been redeemed we’ve been purchased back I move around a little bit I can’t stay in one place. We’ve been we’ve been born again if you if you have called Woman name of Christ to accept Him as your savior confessed your sins before him then you are born again and he has called us to walk it with him and in him can we say that that’s another little. Person Can you get an amen or can you hear what I’m saying and we’re not we’re not called to stay as baby Christians we’re not that we’re not called to stay as. Spiritual babies but he’s called us toward maturity and that’s what that word perfection right there means he’s calling us to maturity and him so that we’re able to stand up against the wiles of the enemy that we’re able to stand up against the things that this world throws at us to be able to stand up against the trials of life you have to be mature you have to be you have to have a foundation in God’s Word you have to have a foundation in the spiritual aspect of God not just the head knowledge but a Heart Knowledge Come on now Heart Knowledge when you will begin to know who God is we begin to know these ways we begin to know his attributes and we begin to trust Him Come on now you say the enemy wants to tell you a lot of things you have one of the first things you won’t tell you shit that you’re not saved that you can’t walk with God You can’t live this life but no that’s not what the Bible says that’s not what God says and if you don’t know what the Word of God says then you can’t stand against enemy because there’s only one voice there and he shout you down can you hear what I’m saying today but when you know what God’s word says when you know what what what God has done in your life when you begin to experience Him You see God as an experience he’s not an ideal he’s not a philosophy he’s not something that we just hang on the wall and look at the say I believe. And that God is an experience glory to God I’m so glad that he had Able me to experience Him I have tasted of his goodness I’ve tasted of his spirit I’ve tasted of the salvation I’ve tasted of the things of God and you know what those things bring me peace those things bring me joy but it also leaves me with a hunger to know him more can we say I’m into that hallelujah because you say you say you cannot you cannot get to the bottom of God You cannot get to the limit of God You cannot you get to where you have exhausted God Come on now because he is deeper then that then deep he is wider than why he is he is more then enough he has a lot of abundance Come on someone give them or some praise today. But it says right here the doctors of repentance you know we should have a doctrine of repentance What is that is a sense that we need help to walk in this life can we say men to that. And when we begin to know that we can go before the Lord and repent of our sins how many are here since since you come to Christ. And you know and there you have I know you have so so we all fall over short don’t weigh the doctrine of pensive says that that I have a sense of need I have a need of a Savior I have a need of Christ in my life because you say I do fail I do fall the lation. Says not of the works of not to jump ahead of that Hebrews non fourteen no excuse me again got too much wrote down here Galatians two sixteen that’s where it was known to man is not justified by the works of the law but by the faith of Jesus Christ even WE him when we have believed. Jesus Christ that we might be justified by the faith of Christ. Did you hear what they just said and then say we were justified by works at all did you. Know it said we are justified by faith in Christ and not by works of the law for the works of the law shall no flesh be justified we can’t work we can’t barter we can’t we can’t do enough good things to be justified in Christ eyes we cannot we cannot work our way into the kingdom of heaven the doctrine of faith or we’re looking for help Matthew five three Blessed are to poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God. What is that poor in the Spirit me it means that I realize that I’m need to realize that I’m inadequate when it comes when I’m when I’m faced with God standers when I’m faced with His Holiness when I’m faced with his purity when I’m faced with with his with his presence obviously the some of you in here have been in that presence of God Have you ever noticed that when you start getting into the presence of God You begin to feel like period he said Oh Lord Depart from me an evil man because that light begins to shine on his will not light because the shot on it’s not gone up punishing you but he’s beginning to shows our defects in our character our defects in the things that we do why is he doing this not to shove as a way is to show as our need for him and that we can draw closer to him and that through the power of the Cross and the finished work across to the power of the spear we can begin to overcome these things and we can grow in Christ glory to God That’s what God’s whole purpose is he did he didn’t save you just believe you said I want you he didn’t save you just to say that you’re say he didn’t save you just to do good works no he saved us as one of my favorite scriptures is Romans eight twenty eight it says those whom he Four know he predestined or that death and that means he this is his desire for you this is what His will for you is is that we should not be conformed to this world. I’m paraphrasing kind of loosely but what he says he wants us to become for him to the enemies of his son or to become Christ like. Him and that’s a tall order isn’t it that is a tall order when you begin to look at Jesus’ life when you begin to follow after him when you begin to read of him when you begin to experience Him like I told you before it begins to that this seep into you that high and adequate and find God that I am because if we get to the place where we feel then adequate that I am that I have that that that. There is nothing more that I can that I can accomplish in Christ then you begin then you begin on a slippery slope of falling away Come on. In. The doctrine of baptisms I’m sure we all been baptized if you have if you need to get back thousand at the bêtise a baptism of salvation is not what is baptism is a public confession of an inward work it’s also a point of the BT and I’m not here to practice preach on baptism today and we see it we see it throughout the all of the New Testament Acts two forty one says I think gladly received his word and were baptized in the same data rather than to them about three thousand souls. That confession how important is it Romans ten ten for with the heart man believe in thunder righteousness in the mouth confession. Is made on the made to salvation and to salvation the doctrine of laying on of hands or the ceiling of the Holy Ghost Acts eight fifteen to seventeen says this who when they came down pray for them that they might receive the Holy Ghost for as they have for as yet he has was Paul known none of them only they that were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and they laid her hands upon down and they received the Holy Ghost Story to God You see when Jesus went back he says I’m not going to leave you without a helper I’m not going to leave you alone I’m not going to leave you to figure this out on your own but the Father will give bring you another car. For which is the Holy Ghost who shall live inside a U.M.P. which you and abide with you you see is through the M. word working of the power of the Holy Ghost that enables us to live for Christ that is where our power that’s where our source that’s where our strength comes from is the M. word growing of the Holy Spirit glory to God now that now there’s a lot of folks out there that that don’t don’t want nothing to do with the Holy Ghost and will tell you what it in one of them the do with the Holy Ghost because you see he’s the one who brings you closer. He’s the one to start bringing into that presence where that light that I was talking about just a few moment ago that that light begins to shine you see and that’s where God begins to call you deeper that’s where he begins to call you into obedience that’s where he starts to call you in to his presence gordie God glory to God because you see of all I that was dawn this was what it with a mental attribute or a mental promise of my own I’d surely have felt fell in love now out of surely fallen by the wayside. How many times have you decided that well I’m going to draw closer to God I’m going to fast I won’t pray. I’m one of flick myself and someone want to pray two hours a day I’m one a. I’m going to hunker down I’m going to do this OK buddy you start out real good OK one day in two days in. Three days in. The fourth day you might miss a day then what happens then what happens. There it is your kid. What accuse you your own your own. I will call your own wall making right there you say because now you’re under condemnation because I didn’t live up to what I told God I was going to do. And you begin to condemn yourself. Sometimes people throw up their hands Assaf quit or what’s the use because I can’t do this and we are and what Christianity needs to understand is that we cannot be justified by the works of the law or the things that we do yes that God wants us to be founded in good works he wants us to be righteous people he wants us to follow follow his his ways and his purposes can someone say man then but you see those things are I do they are a product of a changed life there are product of a change heart there are product of Christ working in us can we say Amen to that hallelujah my get happy. Because I want to tell you this right now when I preach to you don’t preach to me. Because afterall what I’m telling you today I’ve tried all that OK because maybe because I want to draw closer to God but want to start drawing closer telling you all flesh it begins call me back and when I try to do those things like the brother here said I’m accused I’m condemned and defeated and frustrated Come on now. So where do we look to how do you live this life and I could go on with some of those more things right there we know that the resurrection of this is coming one day and we know that there will be eternal judgment and we know that God has has a place for all of us when that resurrection day comes when the rapture occurs and then later on in the resurrection we know that we have that place in him can we say that but we also know the judgments coming home on. Their judgment oh mine you know what is the w’s with judgment. That’s what he does he beats on you is that right that’s right you know. God help me preachers are real good. To tell you what to do we’re all bad at telling you what to do. And Christians are real good. At telling everybody else are going to hell when they don’t look at each other. Am I right. Am I right. I was talking to a. Used to be a church member. When they and he was going on about this and we were going on about that one. And all it’s across the table and says Sure. Are you perfect are you perfect. Are you without fall and his expression on his face when kind of blank and he said thank you why I say thank you because at Ranger back again you see I have enough problems as a pastor yom I’m responsible look over my church and with the God’s grace and help I do all right. But when it comes down to brass tacks I have to govern Harry I have to look after Harry I have to be look I have to take and look in my own eye and take out that speck that Jesus talks about before I go stones stones at other people you say. I’m going to heaven some sweet day but it’s not because of what I’m doing. I’m well I’m going to know God one of these days in the fullness of these measures seem in the fullness of His Glory thank God But it’s not because of something that I did it’s because of what he has done it’s not what I can do. It’s what he has done to say and that. You see when you when we could begin to realize. I know I’m probably way if I’m way I’m way off a field of where I started but that’s OK why do I say that’s OK. Because you see. I only can think with this thing. And sometimes it leads me down the wrong way but the spirit know someone in here today needs to hear what I’m saying. Not only me but you all of us need to hear and remember that we have a debt of gratitude a debt of praise a debt of Thanksgiving. To Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus and when I begin to realize my own faults and I have show a little bit mercy to others can I say I’m into that turned over to songs fifty of them will go through this fairly quickly the first fifteen chapters. Fifteen verses. And when I say I’m about to close when I want to say I’m about to close remember I got about a half hour left. Like I said I see the clock on the wall I will have to tell Ronnie about that you know he’s a man you put that up there to keep me quiet. As I was in prayer caffeine are going through. A trial right now a great trial and. If we don’t build our faith on him surely it will will get swept away and I desire your prayers for Kathy and I as we we we go through this we’re going to get through it by God’s grace and God’s mercy but I’m reminded of what. Smith was worse I don’t know if you’re familiar with the name or not but he said the great testimonies come out of great trials. And it goes along with the thinking that there is no. Crown without a cross to say I’m into that. But I’m here today to tell you thank God. That he leads us through the minefields of life. And we do not have to depend on our own strength Thank God I don’t have to depend on my shrimp thank God that I have someone that is greater than I that I can run to thank God that I have a high tower can we say men of that however you saw me of as I can name say it there you go for something like at but anyway as I was praying the other morning and I was looking for. Looking for word and confirmation from the Lord by the way your song that you saying marching is on confirm that this is where I should go this morning see the Holy Ghost always works in conjunction and we say that how do you say fifty verse one the mighty God even the Lord have spoken called the Earth from the rising of the sun to the going down there over out of Zion the perfection of beauty. God’s have signed out a sign what design design is God’s Holy Hill God’s God’s present out of Zein I designed out of the presence of God out of the fullness of God Christ came. How do you are God shall come and so not keep silence a far shall divide our before him and it shall be very tempting us about him he shall call the heavens from the above into the earth that he may judge his people what this was almost to say and I hear is that judgment is coming and we need to tell that to the world around it about the church today we want to talk about love and love is a good thing I know that God loves me I know that Jesus loves me on no those things and we need to tell people about that but we also need to warn him that judgment is coming next gone one day will say enough is enough and he’s coming and he will set this world right I’m not worried about Republicans and Democrats no more I’m not worried about about the evil people out there are the ones to do with Lee I’m not worried about them because I know that God one day God will take care of all that what I need to do is I need to be all for her God and I need to share his gospel and his love with as many people as I can well God has given me breath because someone say I’m into that verse five now I want you to I want to look here verse five gather my face together under me those that have made a covenant with me a sacrifice when I read that jumped out at me that jumped out at me. When when when the Psalmist was talking he was talking about bringing a board goat or a lamb or something like at that he was coming and he was making these valid before God and he and slaughter Danimal was a sacrifice and as I as I looked at that I said Lord how can how do we make sacrifice and of course already knew the answer to that you see because Behold the Lamb of God However you there’s my sacrifice there is my Procrit Taishan there is my Passover God has given me his land his only begotten Son So therefore I have made a covenant with him through sacrifice yea how do you doesn’t that doesn’t that begin a will up in your spirit just a little bit glory to God I make of that what did he call you he called you a saint or a sanctified one one that is separated and who him. Oh my. Oh my I don’t that’s a big hall makes me want to shout God has chosen us yes whoever to shore will make calm but God has chosen us look at one another say I’m chosen God. How do you how do you hallelujah and heaven show declares righteousness for God is judge himself see or think about that hero people I will speak oh is wrong I will testify against They I am God Even I god or God knows our failings and if you’re working on wall I’m really not here I like to write all my pain if you’re following along you’ve got your checklist right there well done done that done this on the one that. Oh yeah yeah there it is. You know. That’s not what God is after. That’s not what he’s after church. You see what God is saying ah yeah I see this but I also knew this if you done this but you’ve done this why because you’re trying to rely on your own strength. To make it in the kingdom of God Now listen what the next verse says I will not reprove the for the sacrifices or the burnt offerings that to have been constantly before he’s not saying don’t do your good works he’s not saying that what you’re doing is not good. He’s not saying now it’s all right you see a lot of people won’t be here when they hear me start talking like this he said well he said you could just live anywhere you want no I’m not. No I’m not why I’m drawn for get people to say is that the heavy burden of self-reliance is really lifted off your shoulders and that you can rest in Christ glory to God. How do I know you. Now listen to what he’s saying. I will take no bull lock out of the house. Nor he goats out of I folds for every beast of the forces man and the cattle upon a thousand hills you’ve heard it before God and his cattle on a Thousand Hills You know sometimes we get worried about tomorrow what we will do for tomorrow. God is you know how much going to pay for this or home of going to live my father owns the cattle or thousand hells how many of Ian her parents. Grandparents or so on you kid come to you hungry you know will feed your child come to you need something you won’t turn away. Come on now if you’ve got to give you’re going to get it Oh Marsha God got it to give. You more now I know all the fowls of the mountains and the wild beast of the field or mine if I were hungry I would not tell the. For the world is mine in the form of there or if I were hungry if I were hungry to order saying I would not ask a bowl or goat or anything of you because it’s all mine anyway. What does he really say and now he’s saying don’t come to me with your sacrifices don’t come to me with all this bundle thinking that I require that of you I don’t I don’t require these things of you you don’t have to bring the pretty lame you don’t have to bring the goat you don’t have to bring. The ox Doesn’t the Bible say Jesus Christ is the one sacrifice payment perfect sacrifice sin and peace or is Isaiah thirty three say that he was what. He was wounded. For our neck with these men or someone help me out here with that I’m number than that ah. Yes he was wounded for us he was pierced for us. The chastisement of our peace was upon him. And by His stripes we are he. Who are to God. But we think. I gotta give so I have to do something for God to love me for God and notice me he’ll realize it doesn’t his words say. That our father knows when the sparrow falls in are you not we’re bunch more than many sparrows. Doesn’t he say that. That’s the say that that’s why I’m happy Christian I know I’m not perfect but he is perfect to me I know I’m. Not righteous all the time. But I know Christ is my righteousness. That he became sin for me not for himself he became sin for me and you he became send for all the world that all the world through Him can be the righteousness of God in him how lutea. You see when you begin to pray and I know you got seven minutes here. On my Keep your couple minutes longer than that when we pray what is a devil to say to you got no right to ask God for that you were angry which are your child yesterday you had a bad thought you you stumbled or you thought something bad about your neighbor or you done something wrong you got no right you’re not righteous you can call God That’s what he tells hears it haven’t you heard that God surely can’t love your. God surely he’s cast you away because you’ve fallen short my goodness God’s got to be frustrated witcha we’ve heard all that have a way. But you want to have song I will pray in Harry’s righteousness. I don’t pray in Harry’s Holiness I go before the Father God the Father through Christ Jesus the Son because in Him I am righteous in Him I am holy in Him I am accepted by God in Him I have access to the throne in him. Isn’t that good news that’s the gospel you see all the old walnut any Old Testament they had a good it was like crawling over ten miles or broken glass Come on you had to keep every jot Every tell on and I want to remind you if you’re in here today and you’re keeping along that’s what you gotta do you gotta keep every jot and every till. You’ve got to keep them all to be able to receive the blessings of God you had to follow the law completely you see and ask where we’re getting to now come on now that’s where we’re getting to you right now I couldn’t save myself as I was talking earlier Come on now cuz someone buy into this because this is true I couldn’t save myself earlier and I can’t defeat soon Mom ourself So where do I turn to where do I go I go to the cross of Jesus Christ glory to God because you see he went to the cross willingly and he paid my sin that so now can be forgiven glory to God He paid to send at it you can be forgiven now then stop right there because you see that sin in the worst way but you see the power of the cross the power of the spear through the Holy Ghost come one here what I’m saying today gives you didn’t get breaks did Dominion or soon or were you. When you sin no longer has dominion over me Well Harry you said we all said Holy Ghost comes in really conviction of what you don’t you call on the father for forgiveness Lord I trust and what Jesus done for me. I trust that through the power cross soon is broken in my life and I ask the power of your Holy Spirit that you give me victory over this. Because you see. What the wall could not do. In that it was weak because a flash. Christ Jesus camp with. Christ Jesus come placed officials to aid in. For by grace are you say it. Through faith not of works for by grace God’s favor cause influence upon your heart. By grace. Are you say or saved me. Healed the livered infused with the divine life come on victory all my all the promises of God say by grace God gives him freely and openly by faith faith in him what. It what Jesus has done. In what Jesus has done. If you seek after him to church I’m telling you. I’m telling you he will fill you. He will give you joy he’ll give you strength. You will grow in Him and those things that have been plaguing you and hounded you and all holding you back will begin to fall begin falling off a you like so much water off a duck’s back. And you’re going to be walkin in victory and and you will be. A redeemed and a joyful Christian. Not one caring old black Bible woman bad God give me victory to them. I’m Pentecostal I don’t know if you and I imagine that somewhere on one. And I say that this for a reason is that back and back in the day I would have some well meaning Saint in the back it would stand up and they would. Begin to talk about you know that their saved sanctified filled with the Holy Ghost and that the Devils really been fighting a more here lately to pray for them that they that that they might make heaven make haven’t made can then. That somehow or the way that abaya my marriage is going to be able to walk into the streets of glory all my own. No. The devil can keep me out I have a gun. The devil can’t overcome me. Why because the Spirit of God lives in sodomy that’s why he lives inside of you if you’re born again you have a measure of the Holy Ghost glory to God glory to God you have you have the power of god residing in you that’s not new age that’s Bible. How lujah. How they live. How they do and I’m going to tell you something right now sister every demon in hell Trimble’s when the holy ghost shows up. Everyone trembles. When Jesus shows up glory to God now because someone had to finish. The scripture I hear. Verse or two he says well I eat the flesh bulls or drink the blood of goats and. Here’s what you are to do remember I told you it will tell you what to do. Here’s what you are to do offer unto God Thanksgiving you see he doesn’t need your material stuff he doesn’t what he wants is he wants you to recognize that he is God and that he has been working in your life and you begin to thank him and to praise him and to magnify him for the goodness and mercy and the love that he has filled you with that’s what he wants he wants your worship and worship is not just showing up on church on Saturday or Sunday morning or Wednesday night or day about a worship is a daily living process glory to God I worship God by following Naturally my worship God I let him work in sodomy I worship God by doing a good works that he placed in it was hard to do. Glory to God That’s how I worship and that’s what he wants and that’s when the river begins to flow that we just sang about just a little while ago yet the enemy might come in he might try to stumble Yeah but you see the enemy can’t can’t towards you because your taste is something better you’ve tasted victory you’ve tasted of him. How lujah. How they lose. Hallelujah. West of this the king now offer up thanks giving him pain I vow sons of the most. Verse fifteen. And call upon me. In the day of trouble. I will deliver the. And now shall glorify Me Well Christ my sacrifice. The praise and thanksgiving I can call on the Lord and they have trouble when he would hear me and the liver me. So I am closing. But I want to ask you a question. Where is your faith where is your faith. Is then. I’ll go to church every Sunday. Pay of my time. I help the poor I do all these things is that where your faith is worth your faith in the finished work of Calvary did you hear what I just called that. The finished work. Can add to. Can’t take away if not Lord Jesus. Forgive me Lord forgive me for thinking that I could do it all my. Lord forgive me for bringing all these beno blazes as Isaiah calls them before you thinking that somehow I’m going to impress you. Lord forgive me for not trusting in what you’ve done on Calvary as the source of salvation and freedom from san. Lord forgive me come into my life. And help me walk with you and and.