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And verse five he said Who then is Paul he said who is a policy but Mr Scrooge movie and little blue or gave to each one it is the news that who I was he said whom a new of the flow of sure we get ahead in this John the Apostle who is dumb. We’re going say do is pay you what US passport or to the water. Times who this bill as an Billy Graham who is for all those in trouble said We’re told Westmead one who does Jol begun or who that is heavy doesn’t always encouraged to name an air bill in the plan. Who’s this promise you this is Brian knew this dude who then did read this and then do the crime who have to mind what a minister through whom who are works is not going to do then if the moon though who are worse through there is no place in the search for boasting about our company’s means in the war there is no place there come with Mission in a church become a good woman won’t go in a global village right Graham there is no place for competition in this verse there is a place that we should be measuring one preacher gets another where one service tended to give another or one teacher against another were wanted meant was that against another because new are they but that will then move the car knew the Lord works through a net and verse nine the Gershon have read to you from the New King James Version and ready for we are God’s works and how would a myth then this is usually my favorite versions of the Bible I you know how do we measure a translation or a burst of the Bible. Why have compared to P.J. you know did they all very brave and I think the new theme dangerous pretty close they just made a little bit easier to read. I’ll have to admit burst line I like the teen days versus reason a little bit and here’s how I read the King James this is where we are labourers to gather with God we are labeled as together with God the grid mean here means that we are code laborers that we are companions and labels this now yes you know the fellow workers might sound a little bit the saying but I think Kobe was a better job of revealing the why of the of the workers. One labor is not elevated above another one is not a scene the bugs they are laborers working together on the same calls and that is a spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ Paul says I make make the city which is to share the word when you share with you share what I work in the glad we’re going to see who says I’m a legacy with someone but I might not see that seats for out I might not see a growth of or produce fruit of the design my planted and then another like Apollos may come along in the white water. He might actually see a scrap the into road maybe produce a bird but another may come along and have cultivated a little bit that the teachers helping cultivate and maybe you have to weed a little bit. What do we do we weed out the sin we Now percent you know I like the correlation were wide we had we were born this because then. We we might have to coping with it was the is not one is not the way to blow another you want to so does not nobody is above the world knows what are the one is called a vague does not always above the worn did a survey they were equal workers will labourers together with gone another way to explain this is the emphasis is not going to go to war the labor force but the exit is to be put on God and man. Yet this is a civic good old god not the laborers if not I did not call the emphasis on God We are labor for gather with God It’s about God is not about the circle of the Lakers it’s not the breakers not the teachers not be evangelists if not a missionary but it’s God working through them through lots good work or C. gather we should always put the emphasis on God and what he is accomplishing what we are Compazine I could not miss nothing is going to working through me through you through Paul you apologise. Can you make someone believe in them or did you make them believe that you can plan to see what you can make them believe much as you would like to I’m going to we all have friends loved ones we love them make them glad you’re greeted by the drive them up without the drive home of the dollar bet you repent now you believe longer who are with him. God won’t do that but he helping Greece or maybe he can make that were rather Can you give them a good you didn’t pay them but God can increase our faith. Only God can give the raise in this maybe this is a humbling thing to say this because use human beings as his mistress here winner then about that the god that created the heavens and the earth and all that and then the God that is why God this is a song that died of God It is by his right as he uses us humble human beings to present his gospel message as Mr C. or one or both eaters. These bitches the uses of blessings on our ministry is the only way that we will ever come to Jimmy that without the lesson without his presence we would meet with him so it is about you know was there is no reason for us the bows because we’re only vessels with which he works where there are no superstars in God’s work. Bone with team players when it comes with a worker who are several twelve first revealed on those the most probably familiar with that you know the space of the person you’re with he has said you know the hands and face of the football because enough put yourself or the body for the I can’t say you’re not to be armed. Or the bottom. Each far is justice important because the same spear I found a cute little story and I think that kids will wait and see he’s paid attention and this is from Mongolia and Cold War and it comes as a whole they will of a boasting for all their release to me they were getting Ray the starter southward journey their annual autumn migrations ago Sal and when they were they were freed by Rob to take him with them when he’s expressing the willingness to do so is a means of conveyance can be violence the for all then produce a long software grabs me got sick to gays today one in order to get one of my needs and so he had a end of the way to graft in the for all clung to the middle of this map so when this matter they were making their journey they were flying for all when you know near the middle when Also a couple minutes now to express their admiration for the device and wonder who has been declared up to discover this. Were Paul on a glorious throw them in a smile and said it was awful. He’s always told me Bill so the earth was best to pieces. What’s the moral of the story when you’ve got a good thing or meet a mouse just say right. Re sisters. Way higher rate keys a lot of the a group that works right by the way there and they walk along the way or another cars of what’s in the other you always wonder what economic plan never seem to be a proper have Newsweek map here that got a good thing you go into your mouth Jeff big you’re the leader warned the door right now who’s the pitcher and horn instead as they hit was not as if you say it with God and then it was go up the then part of her sign said that your gut feel and you are God with Paul calling the church gods feel. This tour which is that people will know that it’s the piece was not the building it’s not as building this just wouldn’t plaster siding and blocks and that’s all it is is the people it does not belong in the pastor the church has not been on the bass drum saw that the people in this is not even belong to the Congregation of the last of not so long as one hundred first really says no that’s the lure needed to go. It is He who made us and not we are selves we are his people and his sheep of this past so we’re one hand called his field another handle called as she was fifteen days version I go back to again is that we’re going to husbandry husbandry mean farm cultivable we are his people and as being what we must remain culpable as we were kind of bottom of that about that we must clarify our can always be solved and allow God to work and and shape them and when he was in the that we must not become harder. One final point. Bursal that says for no other foundation can anyone way than that which is play which is Jesus Christ and we all know when you go to build a house or you go to New Jersey go to build a building was a first then they have to do they have to dig down right they have to dig down and for that foundation that fuller and the choice the best foundation can be Lady is that which is legal bedroom where you did then you have to get through that soft There are of you gotta get down to you have a hard strong foundation they’re going and you would just laugh there and well I don’t feel like going through all that work I mean that a lot of expensive a lot of work on is going to start this lame I block your only RAM what’s going to happen you know it’s going to freeze is going to send is going to is going to crumble is going to fall. So the house must be built on a firm foundation. No other foundation can any one way then that was used currents any church that will go would say that Jesus was only a profit it’s not later on that foundation which is you scribes and what’s going to happen in a daze O’Mara is going to crash. So all of those calls and although this is all those things that they’re not to claim that Christ is a son of that in Gaza they will not stay and then they vent their standing now but there is coming in a day to day doesn’t work they will not stand because it absolutely has to be built on that one Foundation which is due to this crisis there is no what we’re going to nation almost a true church can be built then Jesus Christ he is that berm border that strong for her that will not crack. Matthew seven twenty or twenty since it is there for whoever hears the same mine and does them I will lay in him to a man who built this house in Iraq in the rain descended the floods came the wind blew and beyond that house and did not call for it was founded on the rock. Which do scribes were everyone who hears the saying of mine does not do them will be lazy or standing there with house in the sand and arrange a Senate that was came the wind blew the and be on that house in his cell and great was fall ill as are the passing thread then one build on this foundation with gold silver person would say it was stroll you know there’s various examples there are building material to go to the Silberman personal represents good quality material but even some of the wooded million strong then that we don’t feel inferior but what was then a Each one’s work becomes clear from the Dave McClure But remember even the Haywood the scrolls built all that strong foundation which describes with a day with a prayer because it will be revealed by fire and the fire was testing each one’s work was sorted. And if anyone’s work which he had built on it indoors he will receive a reward and then once work is burn he will suffer a loss but he himself we say yes and so do the vibe so even if we built with a payable on a foundation this wall around a sion was Greg we must suffer a loss. Well here’s the good news in be saved. He would say. Or feel levers may be a row but will never be a remote physically do in any of them they soon then Jesus Christ the Apostle Paul said and burst residence jacket two hours once knew and I’d rather when I cleaned you I didna home. Agnes a speech or a quiz in the various he’s the best one in the right term or not know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. What else could he bridge then Jesus Christ and his group of five ago that’s the one true foundation that is a strong foundation. But you’re not not this lady is a bugs does own the we called it here most of my firm’s I’ve had days or times in my ministry. Rangana Herath on a bridge and I thought wow to man I’ve some of them bomb our way through that are really made and that is that the day only to have someone come up and say wow passed I will need to hear that day you don’t want to insure a moment and I don’t have a clue glad misuse you figure out say I don’t want I’m going to God more I’ve had days were up like him glued with its focus on them because God knew when they need you. Your glasses or no phrase my plea and I was going to value given Gorgo give me is their God the glory of God to save the ministers of people even poor people will have its own as we give him the glory and with your foundation on Jesus Christ that’s the one thing we need is Jesus Christ. We make sure they didn’t use a man.